Recovering from Surgery

After the procedure, the patient can expect to be given antibiotics for about a day after surgery and medication (anticoagulants) to control pain and prevent blood clots. A drain to stop fluid from building up around the knee may be inserted. Some people may have a urinary catheter to minimize the need to stand after the procedure. To help retain flexibility and range of motion, some surgeons will recommend a continuous passive motion machine (CPM) that will slowly bend and straighten the knee joint while keeping it supported.

While each individual is different, short-term recovery is usually between 2 and 3 months. After this time, people can typically walk without an aid or use over-the-counter pain medications instead of stronger prescription medications. Long-term recovery takes about 6 to 12 months. For most people, the knee is sufficiently healed after long-term recovery, and they can resume normal activities. The time it takes to recover enough to return to work depends on the individual and their job. A person who works in an office and spends most of their day sitting at a desk can probably return to work sooner. If the job is more physically demanding, doctors may recommend more healing time before returning to work.

Managing knee pain following surgery is important for a good recovery, and doctors will give advice on controlling and living with any discomfort. Recovery also involves physical therapy and a home exercise routine to strengthen the joint and ensure that the knee’s range of motion is as good as it can be. Rehabilitation after surgery will likely last several months.

After recovery, some people may notice that their new joint is not as flexible as their old knee. This is normal because an implanted joint is not as flexible as a healthy knee joint. Some of the factors that influence range of motion after surgery include age and how flexible the joint was prior to the operation.

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