Knee Replacement Complications

Knee replacement complications can be caused by the surgery or a faulty implant. Complications can include implant failure, infection and fracture.

Knee replacements have become a routine surgery in the United States. Nearly 700,000 people each year receive this life-improving surgery and are able to enjoy richer, more active lives free of chronic knee pain. The recipients of this surgery are usually older than 50 and have arthritic joints. However, an increasing number of younger people are also replacing their knees because of injury from high-impact sports and activities that wear out their knees early.

As more advanced surgical procedures and a wider variety of medical devices become available, people have more choices for treatment. Computer-assisted surgeries and minimally invasive procedures increase the accuracy of the surgery and decrease recovery time. More advanced devices allow for improved joint function. However, in the rush to release new devices to keep up with growing demand, manufacturers may put products on the market that are poorly designed. This may lead to device failure and costly revision surgeries. While the benefits of knee replacement are well recognized, complications from the procedure or from implant failure are also well documented.

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